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A lot of horses. There's no special name, sorry.

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Q: What do you call 100 or more horses?
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How many horses does Stacy westfall have?

More then 100.

What is a horses call?

a horses call is a whinney-high pitched long sound

What to call a book about horses?

the mystery on horses

What do you call a gathering of horses?

a group of horses is a Herd

What do you call a dozen horses?

A dozen horses is usually called a 'string' of horses.

What do you call the 100 sided?

It's quite acceptable to call it a 100-agon but what's more important is knowing how to work out its properties

How many Bella sara horses are there?

100 bellasara horses

Are there more than 100 Tennessee walking horses in the Tennessee?

Yes. Tennessee Walking Horses have become a pretty popular breed over the last few decades.

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What do people call the felmail horses?

Female horses are called a mare. Male horses are stallions.

What do you call al ot of horses?

A Group Of Horses Together Is Called A Herd Of Horses . xxx

What do you call the controlling of four horses at full gallop during a chariot race?

4 way more pack