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Eccentric circles.

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Q: What do you call a circle within the perimeter of another circle but they are not concentric?
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What do you call a circle within the perimeter of another circle?

If they share the same centre - they're 'concentric'

What do you call a circle within a circle?

Concentric Circles?

Concentric circles on the disk surface?

Concentric circles, are circles within circles. Each concentric circle on the surface of a disk represents a track, the narrower the circle is, the more data can be stored on the disk.

What is a concentric castle?

A concentric castle (or multiple castle) is a castle within a castle

What is the relationship between the perimeter and area when area is fixed?

For a fixed area, the perimeter is minimum for a circle, but has no maximum. Fractal figures (such as Koch snowflake) may have a finite area within an infinite perimeter.

Is the deal castle a concentric castle?

yes it is as it is a castle within a castle as is the meaning of concentric

What theorems are there for concentric circles?

*If two pair of tangent of inner circle making angles on the circumference of outer circle then the angles so formed are equal . *Any two tangent of inner circle within the outer circle's circumference are equal in length .

What is a circle within a circle within a circle called?

A target

Examples of concentric circles?

Concentric circles are circles within other circles. Some examples of concentric circles are archery targets, the bullseye on a dart board, the eye, a wheel with a hubcap.

Must a diameter also be a chord?

YES A chord is that part of a straight line (within a circle) that intersects the perimeter of the circle at two different points. A diameter is just a special case where the chord passes through the centre of the circle.

What is the radius and the area of a circle?

The radius of a circle is the distance from the center to any point on the circle. The area is the space within the circle. The formula to find the area is πr2. r stands for the radius of the circle. If you want to find the radius, you can work backwards from the area or the circumference, which is the perimeter of the circle. The formula for circumference is 2πr.

Was a concentric castles easy to defend?

Concentric means one circle inside another. So in a concentric castle, the multiple circles of walls add stages of defence before an attacker can reach the keep or main fortress. Such a castle style was difficult to attack if there was enough defenders to man the walls. But, a castle not only kept the attackers out, but also trapped the defenders within. Which is were the use of laying siege could eventually bring down a castle's defenders and lead to surrender..

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