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Equivalent fractions.

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Q: What do you call a fractions are located at exactly the same position on a number line?
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How do you do equivalent fractions and definition?

You never 'do' the fractions. There are a number of procedures you may be askedto do with them, and the technique and operations you choose will depend in eachcase on exactly what you've been asked to 'do' with them.

What are five examples of a number that can not be written as a fraction?

Irrational and transcendental numbers cannot be written (exactly) as fractions.

How do you find the number between two fractions?

There are an infinite number of different fractions between two fractions. If you want the one that's exactly in the middle, half-way between them, there's only one of those. It's called the "average" of the two fractions. Find it like this: -- Add the two fractions together. -- Divide the sum by 2 .

LCD of two or more fractions mean?

LCD is the Lowest Common Denominator which is the lowest number into which the denominators of all the fractions will each divide exactly. Each of the fractions can then be converted to an equivalent fraction with the new denominator which then allows the fractions to be added and/or subtracted.

How would you use a number line to compare two fractions with different denominators?

You draw each of the fractions on the number line, and see which one is more to the right, i.e., greater. Please note that plotting the exact position of fractions this way is a bit imprecise - it is more exact to convert the fractions to a common denominator.

What does it mean when two fractions are equivalent?

It means that two fractions represent exactly the same number - it is just written in a different way. For example, 2/4 is the same as 1/2, meaning it is really the same number.

What is exactly the fraction between 58 and 14?

There are infinitely many fractions between any two numbers - no matter how close they are to each other. There is no number which is "exactly the fraction".

Where are fractions from?

fractions are parts of a whole number

What are the fractions of 6?

There are an infinite number of fractions of six.

How are fractions related to math?

fractions are parts of a number

What is simple fraction?

A simple fraction is a fraction that is a whole number divided by a whole number. Complex fractions can have fractions inside of fractions.

How do you subtract a mixed number by a mixed number?

To subtract a mixed number by a mixed number you first need to turn the fractions into improper fractions then you just subtract them as you would with the normal fractions

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