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It is classically called a "brush cut" or "crew cut".

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Q: What do you call a haircut where the sides are shorter and the top is longer and spiked up?
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Are the diaganols of a square longer or shorter than its sides?


Does a rectangle have to have 2 longer sides and 2 shorter sides?

If it did not, it would be a square.

Does a trepezuim have curved sides?

No a trapezium is a rectangle wit one of the longer sides shorter

Which side of a rectangle is the length?

Either of the longer and shorter sides, but the length is usually the longer side and width is usually the shorter side.

What is the difference between a portrait orientation and a landscape orientation?

Portrait is a rectangle that is shorter on the top and bottom and longer on the sides, (like a portrait) and landscape is longer on the top and bottom and shorter on the sides like you would paint a picture of a landscape.

What is Miley Cyrus's haircut called?

Miley Cyrus has a faux hawk haircut. The faux hawk is a version of the Mohawk where the sides of the hair are shaved very low and the crown of the hair is left longer.

What kind of haircut does bam margera have?

It's a skater haircut from the 90s. It's sorta like a bob but more masculine... longer top about to the cheekbone and the sides and back are shorter cut with scissors. I believe Ape cuts Bam's hair. Hope this helps. I want my hair cut like Bam's too.

The shorter side of a rectangle has a length of x inches the longer side has a lenght of 2x-1 in If the perimeter is 58 in find the length of the sides?

shorter side = 10 longer side = 19

Does a rectangle have four congruent sides?

Rectangles have two pairs of two sides that are congruent. The first are the shorter sides and the second are the longer sides. PS congruent means the sides are the same length.

What is true about the lengths of the three sides of a triangle?

For a triangle to exist, the sum of the shorter two sides must be longer than the third side.

Are diagonals always longer than the sides?

On squares and rectangles, yes. But on parallelograms and rhombus the one diagonal can be shorter than one of the sides.

What shape is long and has 4 sides?

A rectangle has two sides longer than the two shorter ends.