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A Ray

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Q: What do you call a never-ending path that goes on forever in one direction from an end point?
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What do you call the point of intersection?

point of direction or crossroad's

What is radial direction?

the direction of OP is call radial direction of the moving point p while the direction of OQ which is perpendicular to OP in the sense of (theta)angle is called transverse direction of the moving point P.

What do you call a line that has a starting point and continues endlessly in one direction?

A ray.

What do you call a line with an arrow at one end and a point at the other end?

A ray. Rays have a starting point and no ending. They go on forever.

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What you call end of ray?

The end would be called a point or an endpoint. It only has one end since it is infinite in the other direction.

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