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Perfect Square

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Q: What do you call a number that has integers as its square roots?
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What do you call integers as their square roots?

Are you talking about negative powers.

What do you call a number with integer square roots?

a perfect square

What do you call nonnegative square roots?

You call them principal square roots.

Why are square roots call squared roots '?

A square root is the number that is squared to obtain a square number so it can therefore be considered a root of that square number (or basis for that square number). It can also be noted that each square number, when displayed using dots will always form a perfect square perhaps giving it it's name e.g. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . etc...

What do you call finding a number that when mutiplied by itself equals the given number?

Finding the square root. Remember, though that there are two square roots for every positive number the square roots of 9 are 3 and -3 because 3 * 3 = 9 and -3 * -3 = +9

What do you call a number multiplied by itself?

The square of the number

What does the positive root mean in math?

Any positive number x has two square roots: one positive and one negative. For example, +3 and -3 are both square roots of 9. Using a brilliant leap of imagination, mathematicians decided to call the first of these the positive root!

What do you call a number with a odd number of factors?

a perfect square

What do you call the result of a number multiplied by itself?

Square number.

What do you call a number that has an odd amount of factors?

A square number

What do you call a number that is neither a prime number nor a composite number?

The integers that are usually considered neither prime nor composite are 0 and 1 (and -1 among the negative integers). The number 1 can be described as unity or identity.

What do you call an odd number factor?

I would call an odd number factor a factor that is an odd number. I would call a number with an odd number of factors a perfect square.

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