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The horizontal bar in a fraction is called a vinculum or, informally, a "fraction bar".

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Q: What do you call the horizontal bar in a fraction?
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What do you call the vertical bar in a fraction?

There is no vertical bar in a fraction. A fraction is written with either a horizontal bar or a slanted bar, which is technically called a "vinculum", but most people call it a "fraction bar".

How do you call the fractional bar?

In any proper or improper fraction such as 3/4, the fraction bar, when shown as being horizontal, is called the vinculum. When shown as being slanted, it is called a solidus.

What is the proper name of the fraction bar in algebra?

The "fraction bar" that we usually call it is actually called the vinculum.

What do you call the line between the numerator and the denominator in a fraction?

fraction bar

What is this chart that is a column chart that turn on its side and bar length is based on its value?

It is a [horizontal] bar chart.It is a [horizontal] bar chart.It is a [horizontal] bar chart.It is a [horizontal] bar chart.

What is the fraction form of 4 out of 7?

The fraction form is just that - 4/7. You would usually use a horizontal bar to separate the 4 and the 7.

Other term for fraction bar?

If you are talking about the fraction bar in mathematics, the "fraction bar" is the real name. It is sometimes called a vinculum (although this is a misuse of the word). The fraction bar in amateur radio, also known as the forward slash is officially known as the "fraction bar."

What do you call the line that divides the numerator and denominator?

fraction bar

What is a fraction bar?

a fraction bar is the horizontal line in a fraction ex: a/b t/r 1/3 2/4 3/5 4/6 5/7 6/8 7/9 8/1 r _ s

What is 5 over 12 as a fraction?

Now why do you suppose we say "over" in that description ? Could it be because the fraction has the '5' written 'over' the '12', with a horizontal bar between them ?

Horizontal bar going across the middle of a window in excel?

Vertical Split Bar

What do you call the line that separates the numerator from denominator or other term for fraction bar?