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square based prism?

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Q: What do you call the shape that has 3 squares and 2 triangles?
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What shape has 3 squares and 2 triangles?


What shape do you get if you combine 2 squares and 2 triangles?

A hexagon.

What shape can you make with 2 squares and 2 triangles?

You can combine the 2 triangles for a square and then add the 2 other squares next to it, and you get a rectangle. :) And you're welcome

What shape can you create with two squares and two triangles?

A rectangle.. If you combine the triangles to make another square and then place all the squares in a row it makes a rectangle. you can also make a trapezium, if you place the 2 squares next to each other and then the triangles beside them...

How do you compare and contrast an equilateral triangle and a square?

Differences: Squares have 4 sides / equilateral triangles have 3 sides. Squares have 90 degree angles / equilateral triangles have 60 degree angles. Squares have 2 diagonals / equilateral triangles have none Similarities: All sides of the shape are congruent All angles of the shape are congruent

What do you call the shape that has 3 rectangles and 2 triangles?

A triangular prism

What are shapes that can be divided into 2 equal parts called?

squares, circles, triangles, any real shape that has a line of symmetry...

What is the ratio of squares to triangles?


How can you divide 2 squares with 3 triangles?

You can't.

What shape has 2 squares and 2 triangles?

A really big square that has no life. It just sits around playing World of Warcraft the whole day.

What is the ratio of squares to triangles in a triangle?

There are 2 triangles in a square so the ratio to square and triangle is 2 to 1

What solid figure has 2 squares and 4 triangles?


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