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There are 2 triangles in a square so the ratio to square and triangle is 2 to 1

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Q: What is the ratio of squares to triangles in a triangle?
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What is the ratio of squares to triangles?


What is the ratio of one triangle in a square?

in one square, there are two triangles, so the ratio of triangles to sqaures is 2:1

What is the ratio of triangle to circles?

It is the number of triangles : the number of circles.

What makes a square and triangle different?

Squares have four sides, triangles have three.

How many vertices does a square triangle have?

3 squares and 4 triangles will have 24 vertices. There will be 4 vertices for each of the 3 squares. Since there are 3 squares, that will be 12 vertices. There are 3 vertices for each of the 4 triangles. Since there are 4 triangles, that will be 12 vertices. 12+12=24.

Two triangle are similar and the ratio of the corresponding sides is 4 3 What is the ratio of their areas?

area of triangle 1 would be 16 and the other triangle is 9 as the ratio of areas of triangles is the square of their similar sides

Do triangles and squares have parallel lines?

Squares do, triangles don't.

If two angles of one triangle are equal to two angles of another triangle then the triangles are similar because of the?

If the angles are the same and the sides are proportional by ratio then they are said to be similar triangles.

What do odd triangles have to do with squares and cubes?

Well if you half any quadrilateral it comes up with a triangle and a square is a quadrilateral.

What are the three types of polygons that can be faces of a platonic solid?

triangles, squares and pentagons.

How are right triangles and squares related?

they have at least one right angle. A square is the union of two isosceles right triangles. The hypotenuse of each triangle is the diagonal of the square.

How do you compare and contrast an equilateral triangle and a square?

Differences: Squares have 4 sides / equilateral triangles have 3 sides. Squares have 90 degree angles / equilateral triangles have 60 degree angles. Squares have 2 diagonals / equilateral triangles have none Similarities: All sides of the shape are congruent All angles of the shape are congruent

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