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Q: What do you do to combine like terms?
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How do you add like terms?

To add like terms, find the terms that have the same (or no) variable, and combine the coefficients of the terms. For instance, if you have a+b where a and b are real numbers, you can combine them.

When you combine like terms you are able to?

There is nothing that you can do when you combine like terms that you cannot do without combining them. Some procedures might be easier, though, if like terms are combined.

Do combiming like terms mean the same as combine the expression?

no, combining like terms means combine the terms that are the same 15+x+6+x=28 combine like terms 21+2x=28 2x=7 x=3.5

Can you combine like terms?


How do you simplify 21t plus 14-12t-30?

You can combine like terms - combine the terms that have a "t" in them; separately, combine the terms that don't.

How do you simplifly rational expressions?

Combine 'like' terms.

How do you combine unlike terms?

Unlike terms are terms in an equation that are different. These terms cannot be combined. Like terms, however, can be combined.

What is combining like terms in algebra?

All multiples of x are like terms, as all multiples of x2 are also like terms. To combine terms is simply to add them up. So if you have an equation such as, 3x2 + 4x2 + 2x + 6x + 10 = 0, you can combine the like terms; the result is 7x2 + 8x +10 = 0.

Combine like terms where possible 8y4 - 3y4?


How do you combine like terms with multiplication?

easy ask your mom

To simplify the expression 8t plus 10t you?

You combine like terms.

What word means putting together in math?

Combine Like terms