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An Even number.

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Q: What do you get when you add two even numbers together?
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What two even numbers can you add together to get an odd number?

There cannot be two such numbers.

Why when you add 2 odd numbers together you get an even number as the sum?

Think of an odd number as an even number with 1 left over. So if you add two even numbers that each have 1 left over, the left overs add up to 2. So it's two even numbers added together plus 2.

When you add two numbers together the answer is called?

When you add two (or any number of) numbers together, the result is called the sum.

What numbers must you add to make an even number?

You must add either two odd numbers or two even numbers.

How do you add mixed numbers together?

just find a common denominator and add the two numerators together then add the whole numbers

When adding 2 odd numbers together will you always get an even number?

Yes. Try it right now. Any two odd numbers, add them together.

When you add two prime numbers together why do you get an even number?

You don't always. 2 + 5 = 7, for example. But all prime numbers other than 2 are odd and two odd numbers always equal an even number when added together.

Two numbers multiply together to make -15 they add together to make two what are the two numbers?

5 and -3

What do you call the result when you add two numbers?

when you add two or more numbers together, the result is called the sum

What two numbers add together to equal -4 and multiply together to equal 24?


If you add two prime numbers together what do you get?

You can get another prime (only if one of the numbers added is 2), for example, 101 + 2 = 103. If you add together two odd prime numbers, you will get an even number, which will not be a prime number. (An even number is a number that is divisible by 2; if such a number is greater than 2, it is not a prime number.)

Can two numbers have a median?

add together and divide by two

What is it called when you add two numbers two together?


What two numbers multiply together to get 20 but add together to get -21?

The numbers are: -1 and -20

What does meadian mean in maths?

When you have a set of numbers, the median is the number exactly in the middle. If your set of numbers is even, you add the two middle numbers together, and divide by 2.

How do you calculate the arithmetic mean of two numbers?

You add the two numbers together, then divide the sum by two.

Can you add 2 odd numbers that equal an odd number?

no, b/c you can think of an odd number as an even number plus one. So if you add two odd numbers, you would be adding 2 even numbers plus 2... Let # be even... (#+1) + (#+1) = (#+#) + 2 two even numbers added together are always even

What combination of numbers always results in an odd number?

Multiply two odd numbers Add an even and an odd Subtract an odd and an even

What if there are 2 numbers in the middle of finding the median?

Add the two numbers together and then divide it by two.

What 5 odd numbers equal 30 when added and you can use the odd numbers more than once?

There are no 5 odd numbers that when added together make 30.Two odd numbers added together make an even numberAn odd number plus and even number makes an odd number.From the five odd numbers:Take two of them and add them together getting an even number and four odd numbersAdd another of the odd numbers to this even number and you will have three odd numbersAdd two of these together and you will have one even and one odd number.Finally add these odd and even numbers together and the result will be an odd numberBut 30 is an even number, so cannot be the sum of five (or any odd number of) odd numbers.

What do you do when there are two numbers left in the median?

you add them together then divide by 2

What two numbers multiply to get 32 but add together to get 14?


What two numbers multiplied together equal 24 and if you add those two numbers together they equal -3?


What if the data set has a even amount of numbers and the median was between the same numbers?

The median of a set of data is the "middle" value. Whenever there is an even number of values in a data set, you take the middle two numbers, add them together, and divide by two. For cases when the two middle numbers happen to be the same, you still add them up and divide by two. The key point is just that the answer will be the same as both the numbers.

Who do you average numbers for the median when you have two numbers?

add them together and divide by 2

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