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Every fraction has infinitely many equivalent fractions. A representative fraction is one member of this set.

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Q: What do you mean by representative fraction?
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What is the advantage of using representative fraction?

The advantage of representative fraction is that any unit of distance may be adopted.

What does the representative fraction tell you?

It is the value of the fraction.

What is the fullform of RF?

The fullform of R.F is representative fraction

Can you please tell me what a Representative Fraction is?

a portion that represents the whole

In which map scale the numerator is always 1?

representative fraction

Which cartographic device when deployed on a map will tell you its scale?

Representative Fraction

What is a rf scale?

An RF scale is a Representative Fraction (RF) Scale

How do change a fraction into a fraction?

a fraction is already a fraction i don't mean to be mean but you must be super stupid.

Ratio of the length of drawing of the object to the actual length of the object is called?

Representative fraction

What is scale reported as when map distance is the numerator and ground distance as a denominator?

Representative fraction

How did the roman representative develop?

You need to specify what you mean by Roman representative.

What fraction of 1 is 50p?

If you mean £1 then 50p is 1/2 of it as a fraction

Direct statement and representative fraction scales?

direct scale gets onto a source of cows in a herd when representive fraction is relating to an outrage of pigs eating cows in a herd.... yup.

What does the acronym rsvsra mean?

representative and relevant It's B. relevant and representative

What is a particle fraction?

i think you mean a partial fraction

What does positive fraction mean?

A fraction that is a positive number.

What does the abbreviation 'rep' mean?


What does it mean for a representative to act as a delegate?


What is 8.33333333333 as a fraction?

If you mean: 8.333....recurring 3 then it is 25/3 as an improper fraction

What does representative democracy mean?

In a representative democracy, voters elect officials to pass laws and make decisions for them. All modern democratic countries are representative democracies.

What does representative elements mean?

Representative elements are the elements also known as the lanthanides. Source: Chemistry teacher

What does representative mean with regard to interest rates?

A representative interest rate is an interest rate that is exemplary or acrhetypical rate.

The words that mean opposite of representative?


What does a decimal fraction mean?

a decimal fraction means a fraction that changes into a decimal or a decimal that changes into a farction

What are the main problem in data gathering?

I would imagine that it is getting a representative sample number and a fraction of the population that does not have bias to the study in question