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Every section of a solid sphere is a filled-in circle,

i.e. a disk with zero thickness.

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Q: What do you notice about the cross section of a solid sphere?
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What solid figure has the same cross section when its sliced by a plane parallel to its base as when it is sliced by a plane perpendicular to its base?


What is the intersection of a plane and a solid?

It is a cross section.

What does cross-section mean?

When a 3-dimensional (solid) object is cut by a plane, the 2-dimensional shape made where the solid object and the plane meet is the cross section.

What solid figure is a set of your parallel cross sections are circles that are similar but not congruent?

A sphere is.

What is the definition of a uniform cross-section?

A Uniform Cross Section is the cross section of the solid, parallel to base, such that the resulting figure has the same shape and size as that of the base of the figure.More about Uniform Cross SectionSolids like pyramids and cones have slant heights and hence do not have uniform cross section.Examples of Uniform Cross SectionThe uniform cross section of the given prism is a square.The uniform cross section of the given cylinder is a circle.In short to say, uniform cross-section are when you dissect a 3D solid and you get all same shape (uniform).

How can you the volume of a rectangular solid?

Volume = cross-section area*length

Which solid has a cross section with a maximum of 5 sides?

square pyramid

What solid shape has no face?

Since a sphere is round it is a shape without a face.

Is a sphere a solid?

No it is not a solid.

What is the intersection of a solid and a plane parallel to the base or bases of the solid?

It is a horizontal cross-section. Its shape will depend on the shape of the solid and its orientation.

What shape is a geometric solid that has two surfaces one is formed as a circle and the other is curved?

A cross section of an ellipsoid or sphere. A cone. A [right] truncated paraboloid (like the reflector of a car headlight). There are several others.

What is the name of the face that is exposed when a solid shape is cut through?

Its cross-section area

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