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The clamp part is for measuring amps via induction. You set meter to amps and clamp around only a single wire. Device you are measuring must be operating. This means you couldn't clamp around a lamp cord to a table lamp since the current induced in each direction cancels out. You would have to separate the wires. An electrician would carry a short extension cord with the wires already separated. Most often a clamp meter is use to checks amps in a breaker panel on the black wire coming from the breaker.

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Q: What do you use a clamp meter for?
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How-to use the clamp-on meter Model GCM-600?

how to use the Clamp-On Meter Model GCM-600 to find the current of a DC power?

When would you use a clamp on amp meter?

You would use a clamp on amp meter for measuring the electrical current of an outlet or wire. The clamp allows the meter to get an accurate reading without the user having to worry about the meter moving around too much.

How you can measure amps?

If possible, use an in-line amp meter. If that's not practical, use a clamp amp meter.

What do electricians use to test circuits?

Continuity tester, volt meter, clamp on amp meter, megger and ohm meter.

Explain basic principle of analog clamp meter?

basic principle of analogue clamp meter

What do you use a amp meter for?

To measure current in a circuit. The meter needs to be inserted in series with the source or a clamp on meter has to be used on a single wire.

What would someone use a fluke clamp meter for?

A fluke clamp meter is used for electrical purpose by electricians. You can use them to measure things such as a large air condition currents. Different clamp meters have different features such as being able to measure motor inrush currents.

What is the Working principle of taung tester clamp meter?


What is a digital clamp meter?

A digital clamp meter is a meter that works from clamping over the wires. YOu dont actually have to cut or bare the wire

How can measure nutral and earthing wire?

Nutral wire can be measured by using clamp meter, if there is a current passing through the wire, we got a reading in the clamp meter i.e. 2A. If we clamp the earth wire by the clamp meter the reading will be zero.

How do you measure line current in single phase?

Use a clamp on meter (amps), or use a meter connected in series with the phase wire (note: this will require the phase wire to be disconnected)

What is a clamp meter?

It is a multimeter with a clamp on facility to measure current using it as a current transformer.

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