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What do you use compass for?

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4 directions

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Q: What do you use compass for?
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What do you use for construction?

we use the pencil, protractor and a compass. we use the pencil, protractor and a compass.

How do you use prismatic compass?

What is prismatic compass survey

What is the Principle of prismatic compass?

The prismatic compass is a type of compass use for survering a land.

How do you use compass rose in a sentence?

You use a compass rose, in case you get lost. A compass rose, gives you all the cardinal directions.

What would you use a compass rose for?

how could i use the word compass rose in a sentences

How do you use the golden compass in the golden compass game?

who wrote it

Is it possible to use compass needle at the poles?

Yes it is possible to use compass needle at the poles

What is the Earliest use of a compass to navigate?

The use of a magnetic compass as a direction finder occurred sometime before 1044, but incontestable evidence for the use of the compass as a navigational device did not appear until 1119.

What is a military compass?

A military compass is a compass that was issued to members of the military for them to use in the field. It isn't much different than a compass you can buy yourself.

Does a compass use a magnet?


Does a compass use electricity?


Who use a compass?


Did John Cabot use a compass?

No, John Cabot did not have or use a compass. Cabot sailed for England and his first expedition was a failure.

How the navigators and sailor use magnetic compass in preparing route maps?

how the navigators and sailors use compass to find direction

How do sailors use the a magnetic compass?

sailors use magnetic compass by seeing a big star called the north star.

Who invented the first compass?

First CompassThe Chinese invented the magnetic compass. Use the link below for more information.thats right

How do you make a circle with a compass?

If your unable to figure out how to work a compass its probably best not to use it.

How is the compass used today?

THe compass is used for orienteering and navigating. Boats and planes use them.

What do you use to draw a circle?

A compass

Is the compass easy to use?


Did magellan use a compass?


What is the compass' religious use?

When Muslims know where they are, they will use the compass to determine which way to face so that they can pray facing mecca.

Do sailors today use the astrolabe?

yes they do because a astrolobe is a compass so yes the people today use a astrolabe / compass

What professionals use a compass?

A compass is used by various people in different fields to know their location and destination. The most common professions that use a compass are pilots, ship captains and also geographers.

What uses a compass?

the use of an compass is to know what direction your going in such as north,south,east,or west