What does 'you rule' mean?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What does 'you rule' mean?
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The phrase rule of thumb is best understood to mean?

what does the phrase rule of thumb mean

What you mean by safety rule?

A safety rule is a rule that is followed to try to avoid an accident.

What does a rule mean in ict?

a rule is something you can't change.

What is the Tom Brady rule?

I think you mean The Tuck Rule.

Which person did or did not practice theolden rule?

Please clarify; Do you mean Theolden rule or The Olden Rule?

Does rue 21 mean you have to be 21?

No, rule 21 is the twenty first rule in the rule book.

What dose Robert mean?

it mean he who shall rule.

What does regla mean in English?

rule (as in a rule at school is...) or ruler (measuring stick)

What kind of due mean that mean that rule of the law will be obeyed?

Procedural due process means that the rule of the law will be obeyed.

What does self rule mean you can do?

self rule means -> not ruled by someone else..

What does mean sovereignty?

The people rule

Terms which mean people rule?

The term associated with people's rule and by themselves is "democracy".