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One billion, two hundred fifty million.

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Q: What does 1.25 billion mean?
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Related questions

What is 125 billion in standard form?

125 billion=125,000,000,000

What is 200 billion times 125 billion?

25 billion trillion.

How do you write 125 billion dollars?

One hundred twenty-five billion dollars OR $125 billion OR $125,000,000,000.00

What is 1.6 trillion divided by 125 billion?


How many millions equal to 125 billion?

125 thousand of them.

How many zeros are in 125 billion?


What is a trillion divided by 8 billion?


How do you write out 125 billion?

You would write it as 125,000,000,000

What is 1.5 billion divided by 12?


What is 325 billion minus 125 million?

In countries that use the long scale (eg Europe) based on powers of a million:325 billion - 125 million = 325 x 1012 - 125 x 106 = 324999875000000= 324 billion, 999 milliard, 875 millionor 324 billion, 999 thousand million, 875 millionIn countries that use the short scale (eq USA) base on powers of a thousand plus one:325 billion - 125 million = 325 x 109 - 125 x 106 = 324875000000= 324 billion, 875 million

How do you write 125 billion in scientific notation?

It is: 1.25*10^11

How do you spell 125 billion in numbers?

According to the US "short scale", a billion is 1,000,000,000 or 1 x 109.So 125 billion would be 125,000,000,000.(on the European long scale, there would be 3 more zeroes added to that)

How many nanometers is .125 meters?

To convert meters to nanometers, multiply by a billion.

What is the approximate number of people who ever lived on earth?

I read in national geographic it is about 125 billion ever. On the earth right now it is about 7 billion.

What is 125 trillion divided by 8 billion?


Top speed of YZ 125?

2 billion km/ph cos it is tank

How much is 10 billion divided by 80 million?


How do you write billion billion billion in scientific notation?

Assuming you mean billion*billion*billion = It is 1*10^27.

What is 125 billion in scientific notation?

Expanded: 125,000,000,000 Scientific:1.25*1011

What is 125 in a fraction?

If you mean 0.125, then it is equal to 1/8. If you mean 125, then that is a whole number. You could express it as 125/1, though.

How do you write 1.9 billion in numbers?

If by billion you mean an American billion (109), 1,900,000,000. If you mean a British billion (1012), put 3 more 0s on to the end.

What does 125 K equal to?

125 K can mean several things. In chemistry, it normally means 125 degrees Kelvin. Or it could mean 125 thousand (125,000). If it is degrees Kelvin, then it is equal to -148 degrees Celsius.

What does 125 mean on the shutter speed dial?

1/125 of a second.

What is cube of five?

If you mean what is 5 cubed, it is 125. 5x5x5=125.

What does 125 Italy mean on silver jewelry?

It means its worth 125 in Italian money