What does 1.5 cm look like?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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The answer is YO MAMA

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Q: What does 1.5 cm look like?
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Is 15 centimeters x 15 centimeters x 15 centimeters the same as 15centimeters3?

NO ! You cubed the 'cm' part OK. Why did you not also cube the '15' part ? Look at this: You have a cube, 15 cm on each side. What is its volume ? Length = 15 cm Width = 15 cm Height = 15 cm Volume = (Length) x (width) x (height) (15 cm) x (15 cm) x (15 cm) = 3,375 cm3 An even slightly better way to look at it: (15 cm)3 = (15)3 x (cm)3 = (3,375) (cm3)

What does a 10 cm by 20 cm label look like?

Like a rectangle.

What does the galax flower look like?

Also known as Wandplant, Wandflower, or Beetleweed it has white spike-like raceme 15-25 cm long on top of a 20-50 cm tall stem.See link below:

Is it okay for a girl of age 15 to be 147 cm and 47kg?'s okay but atleast you don't have to look like fat...hehe

Which is longer a 15-cm or 1-dm market?


How is cm punks father?

It doesnt look like it.

What does 3.6 cm look like?

About the length of a toothpick?

The answer to what is the equation to 7 cm longer then 15 cm?

15 cm + 7 cm = 22 cm

What does 1.2 cm look like?

If you are accustomed to inches, this is about half an inch; an inch has 2.54 cm.

What does 16.6 mm look like?

It is the same as 1.66 cm

How many inches are in 15 cm?

15 cm = 5.90551 "15 cm = 5.90551 "15 cm = 5.90551 "15 cm = 5.90551 "15 cm = 5.90551 "15 cm = 5.90551 "

What does 1.4 cm look like oon a ruler?

1.4 cm is the same as 14 mm on a ruler