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Q: What does 11million eleven thousand and eleven pounds look like?
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What does 1.5 billion pounds look like?

It looks exactly like a thousand lots of 1.5 million pounds.

How do write nine hundred and eleven thousand six hundred and two?

You write it like this: 911,602.

How do you spell the number 1611.53?

The numeral is written out "one thousand six hundred (and) eleven point five three" or "one thousand six hundred eleven and fifty-three one-hundredths." As US currency, this would be "one thousand six hundred eleven dollars and fifty-three cents". Or if you are just doing it like individual numbers: one six one one point five three.

When you say numbers when is appropriate to say the word and?

When you have a . It is best not to use and, although some do for the last one or two digits, like, say 1001 some say one thousand and one or for 1011 one thousand and eleven. But prefreed is one thousand one, or one thousand eleven. When you have decimal, as in 1001.93, you can add and after the decimal as in one thousand one and 93 one hundredths, or in the case of money one thousand one dollars and 93 cents

How do you write 1million dollars in thousands?

$1,000,000? Generally you dont write it like that one up to 9 hundred and 99 thousand because then you change it to 1 million you could try saying thousand thousands but that sounds stupid its like saying tenty one (eleven)

How many pounds of anhydrous ammonia are in a ton?

Two thousand, just like any other item.

What numbers start with e?

Only eleven(11) and eight(8), unless your considering eleven/eight thousand or eleven/eight million.

Can you be eleven to work?

can you be eleven to work like in a job

What weights more a thousand pounds or ton?

Anything that weighs 1 Mg(Mega-gram, or 1 million grams, 100 thousand more grams than a ton) or higher. For specific objects, many vehicles weight more than a ton, large buildings, etc. From the way you phrased the question, it sound like you think a ton = 1 thousand pounds, forgive me if I misunderstood that, but a ton weights 2 thousand pounds, not just 1.

How much should a 5'2 11 year old girl weigh?

maybe 120-130 OK the first person that answered this put that ^ well I cracked up when I was eleven I weighed 105 pounds and every time I went to the doctors they said I was perfectly healthy I used to think I was fat because my friends were like 60-70 pounds well that's because they were 4'10 and I was 5'2 and I weighed in the hundreds. Doctors say that a eleven year old girl that is 5'2 should be around anywhere for 85-110 pounds.

How do you write nine-two million six hundred two thousand two hundred eleven and three tenths in decimal form?

It would look like this: 9 602 11.3

How do you spell eleven the number?

It's spelled like this: eleven.

Is 140 pounds to much for a 11 year old?

Yes it is, that is defenitly obese. sry to tell ya that though Yes. 140 pounds is very obese for an eleven-year-old child. If you would like to lose weight, try exercising.

How do you write math expressions like this eleven and eleven ten thousandths?


How can an eleven year old girl lose fifteen pounds?

Please sweetie your 11 you shouldn't worry about things like that!

What is 'EO eleven'?

Everything On eleven...E-O = Everything On, Just like in the Movie - they bet it all on them, The Eleven. Mark Bernstein

How do you write 78 billion 42 million nine thousand eleven?

As I use the long scale (based on powers of a million) as used in countries like Europe, I write it as: 78000042009011Others use the short scale (based on powers of a thousand) as used in countries like USA, and so write it as: 78042009011

How much should a 7 year old female weigh that is 51 inches tall?

I would say around 50 to 60 pounds should be average - all the websites I checked out said random things like "your child should be 123 pounds" which is completely off, my daughter who is eleven isn't even 123 pounds, and on one of the websites which said your daughter should be 63 pounds (4 stone and 3/4), well my eleven year old is 5 stone, although she is a little underweight , still. Hope I helped!Aliyah Grace

What do buffalo look like?

Buffalo are very large with horns and dark hair,buffalo have large heads and weigh about one thousand pounds if they have eaten enough.

How do you get a thousand pounds on Nintendogs?

you have to do compitions n stuff like that the higer the level of the competion the more money youll get if you win 1st 2nd ir 3rd

What a thousand looks like?

One thousand looks like 1,000.

Can you like a boy at eleven?


Do you say 2020 like two thousand and twenty or twenty twenty?

two thousand and twenty.... if you are talking about the numbertwenty twenty if you are talking about the yearIf you disagree heres a example of why it is twenty ten ( year )eg. do you think people called it one thousand nine hundred ninedy eight when it was 1998, no they called it ninteen nindy eight. So when the year is over 2010 people will be saying twenty ten, twenty eleven and so one

Why does horses legs has to be thick?

perhaps because they have to support a thousand pounds of weight? and actually, compared to their body sizes, horse have long and thin legs. especially horses like thoroughbreds.

How do you write 85 thousand in digits?

you write 85 thousand in digits is like this Eighty- five -thousand