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take 15 and times it by itself so15x15

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Q: What does 15 squared mean?
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Related questions

What is 15 squared?

the answer to 15 squared is 225

What is the value of the discriminant of the polynomial 4x squared 7x 4?

If you mean: 4x squared+7x+4 then the discriminant is -15

15 squared ends in 225?

15 squared is exactly 225.

What is greatest square factor of 675?

It is 225, which is 15 squared.

What is fifteen squared?

15 squared is 225.

How do you Factorize 3x2 three x squared minus 15?

Sorry wasnt allowed to use punctuation. I mean 3X*2 - 15

What are all the squared numbers to 15 squared?


What is the volume of 15 squared?

15 squared is either a two dimensional area or simply a number. Neither of these can have a volume.

What is the square root of 15 squared?


How many yards squared in 15 feet squared?

15 square feet = 1.66 square yards.

Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?

No. 7 squared plus 11 squared does not equal 15 squared.

What is 15 ft squared?

15*15 = 225 square feet

What is 15 5 times times 15?

If you mean squared(times times), then it would be 5 405 625(155 * 5 * 155 * 5). If you mean 15 * 5 * 15, that is 225 * 5, which is obviously 1125.(That can be figured out mentally, so why are you asking?)

Is 15 Squared a Whole Number?

YES. 15 squared which is 225 is a whole number.

What is 50 squared plus 20 divided by 20 squared times -15?

502 + (20/(202) x 15) = 2500.75

How many meters squared is equal to 15 hectares?

150,000 meters squared?!

Pie squared plus pie squared divied by 2?

if you mean PI squared + PI squared / by 2 then that is.... 4.9298 solved on paper ... BUT if you mean what you said, the answer is YUMMY!

What is the answer for 15 squared?


What is e x squared?

If you mean ex squared, the answer is e2x

The length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is 15 and the length of one leg is 12 find the length of the other leg?

a squared + b squared = c squareda squared + 12 squared = 15 squareda = square root(225 - 144)a = square root(81)a = 9

What is 15 less than a number squared?

x² - 15

What is the square of 15 to the second power?

15 squared is 15 x 15 which equals 225.

What does this mean n squared by 3?

n^3 mean a number Squared by 3

What is the value of 15 squared?


How do you factor 12x squared -3y squared?