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Q: What does 2 minute recovery mean when training for a race?
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A student runs 400M during the first minute of race and then 200M during the second minute of the race what was his average speed for the entire race?

And just how long was this race? His average speed for the first two minutes of this so called race is 300 meters per minute. Other than that, I am clueless.

If Shay ran the race in three fourths of a minute how any seconds did she run the race?

45 seconds.

What is a 1000k race?

A very, very long race. It would require a long training period.

What are the release dates for The Amazing Race - 2001 Fight to the Last Minute 1-11?

The Amazing Race - 2001 Fight to the Last Minute 1-11 was released on: USA: 28 November 2001

How fit do you get by doing a triathlon?

You get fit by training for it, not by the race itself.

Will you win your race?

Yes :) I've been training for months

How long is a motocross race?

A national motocross race consists of two (2) 30 minute plus two laps motos.

What is the 10 minute mile pace for 12k race?

A 10-minute mile pace equates to a pace of 74.56 minutes per 12k

Is Life a Race?

Many would say life is not a race and it is meant to be taken slowly and enjoyed for every minute because you only have one.

A race car drives 230 mph how many feet per minute?

At 230 mph, the car is traveling at 20,200 feet per minute.

What is the race in Japan?

Their race is Asian if you mean ethnicity. If you mean motor sports, then the Dakar Rally is a major race that is held there.

What is a good pace for a freshman girl in a cross country race?

it is good to be running a 22-25 minute race, considering it is 3 miles long