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Q: What does 2x mean in a shirt size?
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What does a womans size 3x in a shirt convert to in a mens shirt?

It would be about a 2x in men's.

What does shirt size xlt mean?

Extra large and tall

What is the difference between the clothing size 2xl and 2x?

xxl is a misses size and is shaped in a hour glass, 2XL is a woman sized shirt with extra room in breast and stomach area

What is the dress size 16.5 32-33 mean?

The size 16.5 32-33 is not a dress size but a shirt size. It means the shirt size is 16.5 with a neck size of 32 and a sleeve length of 33 inches.

What does 6xb mean in a shirt size?

6XB in a shirt size means it is 6 extra large. The B specifically stands for big and tall in men's wear.

Is the size 2x the same as the size 18w?

the 18w size is the size for the dresses. however, there are many 2x in different kinds of size charts, so it depends on which kind of 2x you are refering.

What size is 18 in unitog uniform shirt?

Size 18 Unitog shirt is a shirt that has an 18" neck size.

How much sales tax will Nicole pay on a 36 shirt if the tax rate is 7 percent?

That depends what you mean by a 36 shirt. Usually it means a size 36 shirt, so the answer depends on the price of such a shirt. If you mean a shirt that costs 36 (dollars, cents, euros, whatever), the answer is 2.52.

If Dee bought a sweater and a shirt for 40 dollars but the sweater cost 12 more than the shirt how much did the shirt cost?

x =shirt y =sweater shirt + sweater = $40 x + y = 40 shirt + 12 = the price of the sweater (price of the sweater is $12 more than the shirt) x + 12 = y x + y = 40 x + (x + 12) = 40 2x + 12 = 40 2x + 12 - 12 = 40 - 12 2x = 28 2x / 2 = 28 / 2 x = 14 x = shirt = $14 IF... shirt + sweater = $40 x + y = 40 14 + y = 40 14 + y - 14 = 40 - 14 y = 26 y = sweater = $26

What is the equivalent an American size shirt for an Philippines size forty six shirt?

small size

What does size ym mean in football shirt size?

mabey youth medium i think unless youre talking numbers

What does it mean when your t-shirt is preshrunk?

This means that the fabric of your t-shirt has already been washed and dried. If you wash your t-shirt, it should stay the same size as when you bought it and not get smaller.