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half of the circle plus a little more

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Q: What does 52 percent look like on a circle graph?
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What does a 78 percent circle graph look like?

It could resemble a pie with roughly 1/4 of it missing.

What does a percent circle look like?

a circle with a certain percent at a certain mesurement.

What does a nonlinear graph look like?

any graph that is not represented by a line,ie: parabola, hyperbola, circle, ellipse,etc

How does a circle graph look?

It basically looks like a pie cut into pieces determined by the drawer.

What does a pie graph look like for 70 percent of 100 percent?

It looks like a 70% full pie graph. Cant really illustrate it here. see related link below

What does a circle graph look like?

a right angle (big one)and put on the sides votes and number it on the side then on the bottom types of something and fill in your graph

What is a circle pie graph?

A pie graph is another name for a circle graph: the numbers are represented by wedges which look something like thicker and thinner slices of pie. It is used (and useful) when comparing the proportions of numbers which together add up to 100% of something.

What does a percent sign look like?

The percent sign looks like this %. It is a forward slash that has a little circle on the top and the lower side of the dash. It is a common icon in the math world.

What does an equilibrium graph look like?

look like a ball

Examples of a step graph?

What does a Step Graph look like?

What does a line graph look like?

a line graph looks like a stocks chart

What is does an Energy-Releasing Reaction graph look like?

it looks like a regular graph

What does data look like?

a data i like a graph it could be any kind of graph pie,bar,line graph

How do you graph trigonometric functions with a degree in the parenthese?

Look on a unit circle graph and see what kind of pi it has. For example 90 degrees is pi/2

What does no slope look like on a graph?

It's going horizontal on the graph

What does a Graph of melting point and freezing point of naphthalene look like?

what does a graph of melting point an freezing point of naphthalene look like

What does acceleration look like on a speed-time graph?

The gradient (slope) of the graph.

What does acceleration look like as a graph?

The answer depends on what is plotted on the graph and what is happening with the acceleration then.

What does a composite graph look like?

it looks like any oyher graph u now EDIT: It looks like any other graph you know.

What does a liner graph look like?

A linear graph looks like a line. The word "linear" has "line" in it and means "like a line"/

What are the differences between bar graph line graph and pie graph?

A bar graph and line graph consist of the information stored along the side and bottom lines. The difference is a bar graph goes upwards, whilst a line graph goes sidewards. A pie chart is a circle. It is called 'pie' because if you can imagine a pie with different percentages of slices cut, it would look like a pie chart. Hope this helps!

What does 10 percent of a hexagon look like?

There is o simple answer. 10% of a hexagon could look like a circle in the hexagon, a square in the haxagon, a similar hexagon with sides which are sqrt(0.1) as long, or lots of other shapes.

what does y=750x+300 look like on a graph?


What does 5mg oxycodone pills look like?

its a white circle pill and has the number 325 on it

What dose a yottagon look like?

a circle