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Q: What does 58 degree angle look like?
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What is the complement of 32 degree angle?

The complement of a 32-degree angle is a 58-degree angle. Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees.

Show you a 58 degree angle?

well you have to use a protractor but this

What is the supplement of a 100 degree angle?

180-100=80 degree angle

Kite is 36 ft above the ground if the string of the kite makes a 58 degree angle with the ground what is the leg?

The leg opposite the 58 degree angle is the height of the kite above the ground. So, the leg is 36 ft.

What is the measure of the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle if one of its base angles measures 58?

One of the base angle is 58 deg so the other base angle is 58 deg. Sum of all three angles is 180 deg so the third angle (the vertex angle) is 180 - 58 - 58 = 64 degrees.

How long must a ladder be to reach the top of a 20' wall if the ladder and the wall form a 32 degree angle (at the angle)?

Then an angle of 58 degrees will be at the bottom of the ladder. Use trigonometry and the sine ratio: sin = opp/hyp and hyp = opp/sin hyp = 20/sin(58) = 23.58356807 length of ladder = 24 feet to the nearest foot

What is the third angle of triangle if the other 2 are 27 degrees and 58 degrees?

3rd angle is 180-27-58 = 95 degrees

What is the third angle of triangle if one is 27 the other 58?

when you add up all the angles of a triagle they equal 180 angle 1 + angle 2 + angle 3 = 180 27 + 58 + angle 3 = 180 85 + angle 3 = 180 angle 3 = 180 - 85 angle 3 = 95

What is the measurement of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 41 degrees and the other measures 58 degrees?

The third angle is 81 degrees because 180-41-58 = 81 degrees

What degree do you need to be a physicist?

- 58

A 2.3m tent pole is supported by a 2.7 m rope anchored in the ground some distance from the foot of the pole What is the angle between the ground and the rope to the nearest degree?

sin-1 (2.3/2.7) = 58 degrees to the nearest degree

58 degree F in degree Celsius?

14.444444444 degrees celsius.