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it means "five times"; for example if x = 1 then 5x is 5; if x= 2 then 5x = 10, etc.

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Multiply 5 times an unknown quantity

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Q: What does 5x mean in math?
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Related questions

What is simplify math?

5x +50x

What is the answer to math question -5x - 5 equals 25?

-5x-5=25 -5x=30 x=-6

5x plus 7x-4x 6?

The answer to the math problem of 5x plus 7x-4x 6 is -12.

What is 5x plus 12 equals 93-4?

The answer to the math problem of 5x plus 12 equals 93-4 is 77/5.

What is does an x mean in math?

it depends if you have 2x2=4 then the x means multiply but if you have an equation like 2x2 + 5x+2=0 then the x represents a number that you can figure out.

5x plus 7 18 as a verbal sentence?

The equation 5x plus 7 times 18 is know as a verbal sentence. This is a math problem.

What does binomial mean in math?

Well a binomial is a mathematical expression with two terms. ex. (2x+5) {2x is one term 5 is the other}, (5x+9) {5x is one term 9 is the other} terms are seperated by + or - signs only.

5x - 11 -36?

5x - 11 - 36 is a math equation. 5x - 11 -36 can be simplified to read 5x- 47. I suspect that there is an equals missing, ie the question was/should be: "Solve for x in 5x - 11 equals -36" 5x - 11 = -36 → 5x = -25 → x = -5

What does distribute in math mean?

Distribution in math means to multiply each of the terms within the parentheses by another term that is outside the parentheses. For example: 5(x+2)---> 5*x+5*2-----> 5x+10

Is the equation 5x plus 2 12 means that 5x 10 true?

If you mean 5x+2 = 12 then 5x = 10 and the value of x is 2

What is the answer to this math problem 100x2 plus 40x plus 4 equals?

Factored, that's 4(5x + 1)(5x + 1) or 4(5x + 1)2 If the whole thing equals zero, x = -1/5

What is 5x+2+3x?

If you mean: 5x(3x+2)-8x-7x then the expression can be simplified to 15x^2 -5x

What is the answer to this math problem 5x plus 1 equals 41 solve for x?


How do you get y by itself in this equation 5x-2y4?

To do this equation, there would have to be an = in it. If you mean 5x-2y=4, then: 5x-2y=4 -5x -5x = -2y=4-5x Hope this helped!

What is 5x(3x 2)-8x-7x?

If you mean: 5x(3x+2)-8x-7x then the expression can be simplified to 15x^2 -5x

5x plus 4 x-2 -2x 2 x-1 plus 3 x plus 2 math college?

The equation 5X plus 4 X-2 -2X 2 X-1 plus3 X plus 2 equals to 2. This is college math.

Can 5x 35 be factored?

If you mean: 5x+35 then when factored it is 5(x+7)

How do you cross cancel in math?

Well, you simply add or subtract whatever it is from both sides.Example: 5x-2=3. You subtract -2 from both sides, and you get 5x=5. This is cross-cancellation.

-1 3 y plus 3 -y 15 math college?

The equation -1 3Y plus 3-Y 15 equals too 5X+25. This is a math problem.

How can i solve 5x - 2y 10?

if you mean 5x -2y = 10 then y = 2.5x -5

Which expression is equivalent to 5x(x 2) -3(x-1)?

If you mean: 5x(x+2)-3(x-1) then it is 5x^2 +10x-3x+3 or as 5x^2 +7x+3

What is a math inequality?

An inequality is when a variable and its coeefecient is greater than something. For example, 5x is greater than 2.

Did you hear about math worksheet page 167?

3x-5y=7 5x-2y=-1

What is the definition of constant used in math?

A number without a variable. Ex.) 5 is a constant, 5x is not.

What is the first statement in any two-column proof for math?