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Q: What does Melba mean when she says that integration is a much bigger word than I thought?
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What does continuous integration mean in the context of an iterative lifecycle?

Integration at the end of very iteration

What does the term integration mean with regards to the civil rights movement?

Integration is the act of bringing together different races peacefully.

What is mean against integration?

If someone is against integration, they want to keep things apart, since integration means mixing things together. In American history, the word integration was used to mean black and white people using the same services, rather than having separate services which would keep them apart.

What does RIS in air soft mean?

rail integration system

Does greater mean bigger or smaller?


What do the terms integration mean?

Integration means the mixing of 2 things, in America the races are finally integrated bygiving black people equal opportunity

Who is Melba patillo?

Melba Pattillo is one of the nine students who courageously integrated a all white school. They went through so much doing what they could to settle racial differences. They endured hits, kicks, punches and lots of mean verbal words, In the end they survived it.

What does Melba mean?

Dame Nellie Melba GBE - 19th May 1861 to 23rd February 1931 - birth name Helen Porter Mitchell was a legendary Australian opera soprano and one of the most famous sopranos and was the first Australian to achieve international recognition in the form.

Do bigger nipples mean bigger breasts?


Does bigger the perimeter mean bigger area?


A monopoly employing vertical integration means what?

That would mean that they had acquired their suppliers.

What does brain teaser Thought Clever mean?

It mean "clever after thought"