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Q: What does NC mean in eletrical terms?
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What is RLA in Electrical Terms?

RLA in eletrical terms is Reading Language Arts.

What are the terms for elected officials in Winston-Salem NC?

Most have 4 year terms.

Are there any NC terms that begin with x?

Raleigh, NC has a street with the name Xebec Way. Asheville, NC has a street with the name Xanadu Drive.

What does an NC mean on a report card mean?

No Credits.

How many terms can A Winston Salem NC mayor run?

As many as he or she wants.

What does the abbreviation nc near a connector pin mean?

nc means "not connected"

What does common mean in terms of wiring IE hot neutral ground line NO NC?

In terms of hot,neutral,ground, the neutral is classed as the common. In regards to a switch which has a NO, NC, C. This is classed as a C form switch. It has a common terminal, a normally open terminal and a normally closed terminal. Depending on the position of the switch handle the circuit can be either open or closed.

Are the Lego Ninjago spiners eletrical?

No they are not.

What stores eletrical energy?


Is it illegal to sell a vehicle with eletrical problems?


What is a flow of eletrical energy?

electric current

What did the first eletrical motor do to help?