What does SP4 E-4 mean?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: What does SP4 E-4 mean?
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What does the acronym SP4 stand for?

One will find that there are a few meanings for the acronym SP4. Two of those include 'Security Protocol Layer 4', and Specialist, Grade E4 (United States Army).

What is the Enlisted soldier abbr?

Private (E1) = PVTPrivate (E2) = PV2Private First Class (E3) = PFCSpecialist (E4) = SPC (formerly SP4)Corporal (E4) = CPLSergeant (E5) = SGTStaff Sergeant (E6) = SSGSergeant First Class (E7) = SFCMaster Sergeant (E8) = MSGFirst Sergeant (E8) = 1SGSergeant Major (E9) = SGMCommand Sergeant Major (E9) = CSMSergeant Major of the Army (E9) = SMA

How do you abbreviate army specialist RANK?

SPC is the abbreviation for Specialist. Currently, there is only one grade of Specialist - E4. Specialist grades used to go all the way up to E9 (although the Specialist 9 or SP9 was only theoretical - nobody had ever actually been awarded that rank). At that time, the E4 Specialist was abbreviated as SP4. However, all the Specialist grades above E4 have since been done away with, so there was no need to indicate the pay grade with the rank, thus the abbreviation became SPC.

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What do you have to score on an ASVAB to become an E4?

Becoming an E4 is not based on your ASVAB score. If you are talking about enlisting as an E4, you must have a Bachelor's degree. You can also become an E4 by enlisting and doing a good job and putting your time in.

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