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USG may refer to: * Medical ultrasonography, an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize internal organs * Ulysses S. Grant, former U.S. General and 18th President of the United States * Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations * United States Government, or Federal government of the United States * Universities at Shady Grove, an educational facility in Rockville, Maryland, United States * University Student Government, a part of a students' union * University System of Georgia, the organizational body that includes all public institutions of higher learning in Georgia, United States * Unix Support Group, an AT&T group that commercialized a series of Unix computer operating system versions * USG Corporation, an American construction materials manufacturer

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Q: What does USG mean?
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What is the market cap for USG Corporation USG?

As of July 2014, the market cap for USG Corporation (USG) is $3,804,852,123.60.

What is the symbol for USG Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for USG Corporation in the NYSE is: USG.

What is USG People's population?

The population of USG People is 7,160.

When was USG Corporation created?

USG Corporation was created in 1901.

What is USG Corporation's population?

USG Corporation's population is 14,100.

What does the medical abbreviation USG KUB mean?

Ultrasound of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder.

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331 USG

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If you mean USAG, then yes. USAG means United States of America Gymnastics.

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When is it gecko usg birthday?


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yes you have to be empty stomach for having usg kub done but u hve to drink plenty of water so that ur bladder is full before usg so that u can get a clear report

What is 0.2kg into gallons?

That is about 1/5 of USG

What is fullform of USG?

Urine specific gravity

Imperial gallon to us gallon?

The US gallon is slightly less than a imperial gallon. The conversion is IMP x 1.201 = USG. So 5 imp gallons x 1.201 =6 usg. Or to go the other way, USG x 0.833 = IMP

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ultra sound machine

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15 yrs old

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What is a barrel of liquid?

There are MANY different "barrel" sizes of liquids. In US a barrel of beer is 31 USG, while a barrel of oil is 42 USG. There are many other variations.

What is 20 gauge in mm thickness?

.953 mm (USG)

In mm how thick is 18 gauge?

1.27 mm (USG)

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No, a USG is 3,785 ml

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3.18 mm (USG).

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What is diagnostic ultrasound used for?

a diagnostic usg can be used in suggesting an array of diagnosis viz: pelvic usg: for diagnosong foetal growth. cardiac renal and other abnormalities, congenital deformities, gross movements of the foetus, abnormalities of placenta, abnormal cord blood flow in a pregnant lady. usg uterus in a non pregnant shows its structure, helps in diagnosing pcod, causes of dysmenorrhoea and infertility. usg testis is also done for detecting its cancer. abdominal usg: used for gall bladder stones, renal stones, liver size and structure. similarly for spleen. also used for investigating varicose veins and thyroid abnormalities.