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It is an obtuse angle because it is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees

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Q: What does a149 deggres angle look like?
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What does a 300 degree angle look like?

300° angle look like

What does an adjacent angle look like?

How does an adjacent angle look.

What does a 260 degree angle look like?

it looks like an angle..... -.-

What does a 60degree angle look like?

An acute angle.

How does a right angle look like?

a 90 degree angle look it up:::)

What does a 15 degree angle look like?

It is an acute angle

A 45 degree angle look like?

An acute angle

What would a trapezoid look like if it had one right angle?

it will actualy look like a obtuse angle on the bottom of the shape

What does a 32 degree angle look like?

It is about a third of a right angle.

What does a hexagon with a reflex angle look like?

a hexagon with a refle angle

How does a 303 degree angle look?

It looks like a reflex angle.

What does a obtuse 115 degrees angle look like?

it is a obtuse angle

What is an 180 degree angle look like?

a line or straight angle

What does a straight angle look like?

a line

What does a 330 degree angle look like?


What does a 100degrees angle look like?


How does a 20 degree angle look?

like this

What does a reflex angle look like?

I want to seee a picture of a reflex angle

What do a right angle look like?

a right angle has 3 angles on it please.

What does a picture of a straight angle look like?

A straight angle is a half circle.

What does an 89 degree angle look like?

like your mon

What does an angle sign look like?

It would look kind of like this /_ but it would be connected.

What does the right angle look like?

It looks like a corner. 90 degrees. also a right angle

How does an obtuse triangle look like?

no right angle with only one angle is obtuse

What does an angle of 63 degrees look like?

About 2/3 the size of a right angle