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a hexagon with a refle angle

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Q: What does a hexagon with a reflex angle look like?
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What does a reflex angle look like?

I want to seee a picture of a reflex angle

How does a 303 degree angle look?

It looks like a reflex angle.

What does a 300 degree look like?

A reflex angle

What does a cocave hexagon look like with diagnals?

There are four types of concave (not cocave) hexagons:one reflex angle,two reflex angles, opposite one another,two reflex angles with one next-but-one to another,three reflex angles alternating.This site is not suitable for displaying images.

What does a hexagon with one line of symmetry and two reflex angles look like?

Two trapezoids

What does a 210 degree reflex angle look like?

505 What? (505)

What is the measure of one angle in a hexagon?

It depends, because a hexagon does not have to look like a regular hexagon. If you are referring to a regular hexagon, the measure of each angle is 120o . If you are referring yo an irregular hexagon, you're going to have to use a protractor for that.

How does a 213 degree angle look like?

It is a reflex angle because it is greater than 180 degrees

What type of angle look like when is 195 degrees?

It's a reflex angle and nearly looks like but not quite a straight line

What does a 331 degree angle look like?

A 331 degree angle is a reflex angle and it nearly looks like a circle because there are 360 degrees in a circle.

What does a 270 degree angle look like in math terms?

It looks like 3/4 of the area of a circle and it is called a reflex angle

What does a 220 degree angle look like?

It is a reflex angle which is greater than 180 but less than 360 degrees

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