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It is a reflex angle which is greater than 180 but less than 360 degrees

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Q: What does a 220 degree angle look like?
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What kind of angle measures 220 degrees?

An angle of 220 degrees is a reflex angle

How do you construct a 110-degree angle with the help of a compass?

You'll also need a protractor to construct a 220 degree angle which can then be bisected by means of a compass and a straight line to form two 110 degree angles.

What is -140 Celsius converted to Fahrenheit?

-140 degree Celsius = -220 degree Fahrenheit.

What does 220 million look like in number form?


What is the measure of each interior angle and each exterior angle of a regular nonagon?

Each interior angle is 140 degrees. Each exterior angle is 220 degrees.

What is a 580 degree turn?

It is a whole turn and then 220 degrees.

How much is 220 c in degree Fahrenheit?

428 Farenheit

What is the measure of an angle if its measure is 40 degrees more than the measure of its supplement?

supplement + angle = 180180 - angle = supplementangle = supplement + 40 = 180 - angle +40 = 220-angle2 x angle = 220angle = 110 degrees

How do you convert angles from degrees to radians?

multiply the degree by (pi/180)

What is 220 degree cencius convert to Fehenheit?


What is flashpoint for grease?

Petroleum oil grease has a flash point of 220 degree centigrade

What does a 5 ft 4 inch 220 lb woman's body look like?

Every person looks different. Every body shape is different. how do you look?

What Olympics was Kurt Angle in?

Kurt Angle won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling, 220 pound weight class (100 kg), in the 1996 Summer Olympics.

How many degree Fahrenheit equals to 220C?

220 degrees Celsius = 428 degrees Fahrenheit

What angle does the minute hand of a clock turn through when it moves form 1 to 9?


What angle is created on a clock when it reads 12.40?

To be precise, as the little hand will also have moved, the answer would not be 240° for the large angle and 120° for the small angle, as some might say. The little hand will have moved 20°, so the answer would be that the large angle would be 220° and the small angle would be 140°.

How will you download naruto series after episode 220?

Look for Shippuden episodes

What is the reference angle for -140 degrees?

in order to find the reference angle, an angle less than or equal to 90 degrees formed by the x-axis and the terminal side of an angle, one needs to first find what quadrant on the coordinate plane the angle belongs to. The negative (-) sign in -140 refers to the direction 360 degree turn begins at (and therefore the quadrant it begins at). Instead of taking the regular backwards "C", counterclockwise direction, the turn begins clockwise. To convert it, simply add 360 degrees, to get 220 degrees, an angle in the third quadrant. These are the guidelines to follow when finding reference angles: If angle, A, is in first quadrant then the reference angle will be itself as it is already 90 degrees or under. If angle, A, is in second quadrant then the reference angle will be 180 - A . If angle, A, is in third quadrant then the reference angle will be A - 180 . If angle, A, is in fourth quadrant then the reference angle will be 360 - A " These subtractions are all in reference to the nearest angle of a quadrant and are in degrees. Being in the third quadrant, take the angle, A, and subtract 180 from it to get: 220 - 180 = 40 Thus, the reference angle for -140 degrees is 40 degrees. Follow the same directions for other angles, first determining whether the angle needs to be converted into a positive value (counterclockwise), then locate the quadrant and use the rules above for the specific angle(s) being looked at and asked for.

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t/stat is a 195 degree about 220 is ok

What is the normal running temp of a 2003 trailblazer 4.2 engine with ac on and 80 degree outside temp?

around 220

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Engine coolant temp running 220 degree F

What is the lcm of 110 and 220?

LCM of 110 and 220 is 220.

What is the decimal form of 220 220 and 8203?

220*220 = 48400.

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A 220 volt power cord has 2 positive terminals. The will look the same. The one that is different will be the ground.