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A Merchant Number is usually between 6 and 15 digits long.


Natwest Streamline Merchant Number = 8 digits

HSBC Merchant Number = 8 digits

Lloyds TSB Cardnet Merchant Number = 15 digits

Bank of Scotland Merchant Number = 15 digits

Barclays Merchant Services Merchant Number = 7 digits

American Express Merchant Number = 10 digits

Diners Club Merchant Number = 10 digits

JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) Merchant Number = 13 digits

Elavon Merchant Number = 10 digits

AIB (Allied Irish Bank) Merchant Number = 11 digits

Ulster Bank (For Ireland Vendors only) Merchant Number = 8 digits

Chase Payment Tech Merchant Number = 6 digits

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Q: What does a Merchant Number look like?
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