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Q: What does a X on the screen mean?
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Pokemon pearl what is the inventory screen?

If you mean where, you press the "x" button. press x then select bag.

What does the little x in the corner of a picture on a computer mean?

it means you quit the thing on the screen

What does it mean when you have an x on silabclient screen?

It means that your Java might not be working and you have to refresh it or update it.

How do you find the area of a tv?

height of screen x width of screen

Does the HTC One X has a super amoled plus screen?

The HTC One X does not have a super amoled plus screen, it has an IPS panel premium LCD screen.

Sitcom on television that highlights family values and functions what is the worldview of the on-screen family On what is your assessment based Compare and contrast it?

What does ily mean x

How do you boost in cars maternational for ds?

on the top screen, the bottom left hand corner it is flashing x you press X ON THE BOTTOM Screen

Screen sizes 780 x 1280?

It's screen size of Galaxy S3

How do you exit full screen?

Click the X

How do you play Skate 3 on split screen?

You go to multiplayer then you go to split screen then turn on second controller then press x then turn on third controller then press x

Why won't Facebook chat work?

If you look at the bottom of the screen, if there is a sign with a ! on it, it mean it isn't working at the moment. (hover over it, it probly says ) Bye x

What does screen defective mean when buying a phone?

Your screen wont work, or you may get a unclear image on your screen