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Just use the memory key A is for ash. Anything that leaves an ash is a class A fire. So paper, wood, cloth would all be good examples of class A fires. Class B is liquids such as gasoline or oil. Class C is electrical fires and class D is a special class for metals that burn such as magnesium.

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Q: What does a class A fire consist of?
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Which class of fire consist of flammable liquids including stove alcohol agasoline and diesel?

class B

What does Class A Combustibles consist of what materials?

Class A combustibles are generally considered to be ordinary items such as wood, paper, trash. Class A fires are extinguishable with a Class A fire extinguisher -(Water)

Does solution consist of?

Fire and water

What do class b fires consist of?

Class B extinguishers fight Flammable Liquid fires. The extinguisher classes: Class A: flammable solids Class B: flammable liquids Class C: fires involving electrical equipment. These agents don't conduct electricity. No extinguisher is rated as only for Class C fires; you will find Class B-C and Class A-B-C extinguishers. Class D: flammable metals Class K: kitchen fires

What class fire is a coal fire?

class A fire type

What are Dot class 6 division 1 materials consist of?

DOT class 6 division 1 materials consist of poisonous materials.

What does salt solution consist of?

Fire and water

What class fire is a phosphorus fire?

Class D, combustible metals.

What class of fire uses a pw fire extinguisher?

Class A fires.

What is the classification of an electrical fire?

An electrical fire is a class 'C' fire. In addition, Class 'A' is combustibles that leave an ash. (Paper, etc.) Class 'B' is flammable liquids. Class 'C' is electrical. Class 'D' is a metal fire.

Class c fire extinguisher is used for?

A class C fire is an electrical fire. A class C extinguisher is approved for electrical fires.

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