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It means that you are dealing with quarters.

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Q: What does a denominator of 4 mean?
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What is does denominator mean?

The denominator is the lower part of a fraction as for example in the fraction 3/4 the denominator is 4 and the numerator is 3

What is the common denominator of 4 and 8?

if you mean common factor then it is 4

What does denominator and numerator mean?

They are the names given to parts of a fraction as for example 3/4 whereas 3 is the numerator and 4 is the denominator.

What is a fraction for which the greatest common denominator for the numerator and the denominator is 4?


What are the values of the variable that must be excluded from the domain x plus 8 over x 4?

Any value of x which causes the denominator to equal zero. It's kind of vague, but if you mean the denominator to be (x raised to the 4th power), then x=0 must be excluded. If you mean (x + 4) then x=-4 will make the denominator equal zero, and if you mean (x-4) then x=4 will make it zero.

What is a common denominator of fractions 34 and 58?

If you mean fractions of 3/4 and 5/8 then the lowest common denominator needed is 8

What is the multiplicative inverse of 3 1 4?

Assuming you mean 31/4 31/4 = 13/4 → multiplicative inverse is to multiply by 4/13

What is a denominator in a mathematical equation?

A denominator is a common part of a mathematical equation. The denominator is found below the line of a fraction. In 1/4, the number 4 is the denominator.

How do you divide a fraction over a single denominator?

i think you mean 8/2=4 ??? that means that 8 (The Numerator) wich is in the house is being divided by 2 (the Denominator) and gives you 4...... 8 divided by 2 = 4

What the fraction of 0.7 but same denominator as 4?

4 is an integer and so has denominator 1. 0.7 is a proper fraction and cannot have a denominator of 1.

What is the common denominator of 2 4 and 6?

What would be the ideal Common Denominator for 2 and 4?

What number is a denominator in a fraction?

The denominator is the number underneath the numerator in a fraction as for example in the fraction 3/4 the numerator is 3 and the denominator is 4

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