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Q: What does a flight confirmation number look like?
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Where can I find my airline flight information online?

If you know what airline you are flying, it is pretty simple. You will need to go the airline website and have your confirmation code available. You will then look for the place on the site for existing flight information and this is where you will go and put in your confirmation code.

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Look in your local yellowpages for flight lessons. Another good place to look would be on social discounting sites, like Livingsocial. I hope that helps!

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What is the Heathrow airport arrivals phone number?

They use a premium rate number - very expensive. Better to look at flight arrivals on the internet.

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How do you confirm my flight?

after you buy the ticket you will receive a email confirmation that mean you are in the system but if you want to call the airline in the email you will get a code that is like this:AN32v something like this call the airline and they will ask the this code and they may be open your info also with this number you can find it at the airline website .