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your denominator can be any number. say ten for example. 0/10 1/10 2/10 3/10 4/10 5/10 and so on

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Q: What does a fraction number line look like starting at 0 ending at 1?
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What does the divide symbol mean?

its like a number on top of a number. sort of like a fraction... the dots are numbers and the line is like the fraction bar.

What is a like mixed number?

A mixed number is a whole number combined with a fraction like 3 7/9. (That was just a random example). A like number is a number that had the same denominator (the bottom or right number of the fraction) as the other fraction like 2/9 and 3/9. So like mixed number is a mixed number that has the same denominator as the other number.

How do you devide a fraction with a mixed number?

*divide transform the mixed number into a fraction and then divide like a normal fraction (multiply by reciprocal).

How do fraction bars or number lines that have at least one equivalent fraction look like?


How does a numerator and denominator look like?

a numerator is the top number of a fraction and the demonatior is the bottom number of a fraction

What is the improper fraction and the mixed number?

An improper fraction, like 22/7, is when the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator. A mixed number, like 4 and 1/2, combines a whole number with a proper fraction.

What number is the denominator in the fraction two thirds?

It can be any number that you like but, in if the fraction is expressed in its simplest form, it is 3.

What is a proper fraction?

A proper fraction is when the number on the top is smaller than the number on the bottom like a half or two sixths

What does a mixed number look like?

It looks exactly like a whole number with a fraction standing to the right of it.

What is a whole number together with a proper fraction?

If the number is put together and looks like this: 1 1/2 then it is called a mixed number. If they are put together like this: 3/2 then it is an improper fraction :)

What is an irrirational number?

A irrational number is a number that can't be written in the form of a fraction. Like 3.14.......

How do I draw an array to multiply a whole number and a fraction?

like this