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Q: What does a greyhound look like?
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Are Italian greyhounds and whippets the same type of dog?

No, a Whippet is much larger than an Italian Greyhound which is like a mini Greyhound. Whippets look more like Greyhounds only Whippets are larger.

What will a golden retriever greyhound mix look like?

A thinner, less furred golden retriever.

What does the fastest dog look like?

It's just a blur... No, really! When a greyhound runs past, all you see is a blur.

How do you contact the greyhound stock department?

Look up Greyhound (Grayhound) and then try "Stocks (trading/market)"

Where can you find a miniature Italian Greyhound for sale in California?

You will have to look on google for an Italian greyhound breeder near (your zip code)

What kind of dog is a Staffordshire bull terrier Greyhound mix?

its usually known as a bull greyhound .A very muscular dog looking mostly like a greyhound

What does a german sheperd greyhound mix look like?

super cute but its to hard to explain. see link to photos below. Mixed breeds do not produce puppies of any reliable appearance. Some will look more like German shepherds while others will have more of the greyhound characteristics. Probably the most desired puppies would be thinner and more streamlined than the German shepherd, with the high greyhound waist and elegant gait, along with the German Shepherd black-and-tan "saddle" color pattern and high intelligence.

How do you buy greyhound engine parts?

try to look on eBay

Where can someone go to purchase Italian Greyhound puppies?

One can look at local animal shelters or humane societies to see if they have any greyhound puppies available. If that doesn't work out, one can check out the Italian greyhound website.

What does a Borzoi look like?

It is a Russian Greyhound, so it's quite slim. Because it's Russian it has a wooly coat. Here's a link.

Where can one purchase a greyhound coat?

Greyhound coats provide outstanding warmth for your dogs. You can purchase these specialty coats online at sites like Jan's Greyhound and Lurcher Gifts.

Where can you find a Greyhound bus route going north along california coast?

Go to the Greyhound website to look for routes and schedules. See the link below for their website.

What does a greyhound dog look like?

A greyhound dog is a big dog. It had a long straight tail and long muscular legs.They are very fast and are used in racing sometimes. There heads are long and have powerful jaws and teeth. However they are very friendly and love to play. they make a great family dog.

What does a pit bull and greyhound look like as a puppy?

I actually have a greyhound/Pitbull. Her name is pinky. She has characteristic of a greyhound. Small head slim body frame. Slightly more Pitbull tierrer bone structure. Broad body when sits down. Super energetic. Super friendly. Super loyal and very well manner around family and kids. Very loving she's the best!

Stock symbol for greyhound bus lines?

Greyhound is owned by a Scottish Bus company called Firstgroup PLC, and you can look them up on the London stock exchange.

How many kinds of greyhound dogs are there?

Besides the large dog called "greyhound," there are two other breeds of canines that look very similar. These are the whippet, which is medium in size, and the Italian greyhound, which is small and shown in the toy group. These are all considered separate breeds, however.

How much is a greyhound ticket from Dayton Ohio to Panama city?

I don't think Greyhound goes to Panama City, Panama. Go to the Greyhound website and use the fare calculator there to look up the fare between any two cities that they actually stop in.

How mush does a greyhound bus ticket from Maryland to Detroit?

I would like to travel by Greyhound from Maryland to Detroit. What is the fare for one way. Time for traveling

How can a person located a Greyhound Bus Station in their area?

A person can find out if there is a Greyhound Bus Station by visiting the Greyhound Bus website and doing a search, which is a feature linked right on their homepage. One can also use sites like Yelp or they can call the local Greyhound to find out if they service to a specific area.

Is an Italian greyhound the same as a greyhound?

No, an Italian greyhound is much smaller than a greyhound.

What did Dobermans originally look like?

The very first Dobermanns were heavy and wide - similar to a Rottweiler. Greyhound and Manchester Terrier blood was then added to produce the slim and attractive breed we see today.

Where can you get a greyhound?

It's almost impossible to get them from a pet shop, since selling dogs in pets shops is illegal in the UK. Get them from places like the RSPCA or the Retired Greyhound Trust.

What is it like traveling from Philadelphia to Montreal via Greyhound bus?


What bus service is available from Tallahassee to Atlanta?

Greyhound, Greyhound, Greyhound!

What is the correct way to spell greyhound?

Greyhound dog, and Greyhound bus.