What does a hand curser do?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What does a hand curser do?
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wat curser?

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download it....

Which curser in Poptropica?

The white one.

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there it is

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yes its horrible

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curser rhymes with mercer

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A Curser, Maybe .. ?

How do you get the stink bomb in your item menu on poptropacia?

It's pretty simple, you either jump over it/ on it, or you click it if your curser turns into a hand. Then it will be put into your inventory for later. -Kayla, fan of poptropica

How do you respond to chat?

how do I respond to a live chat? my curser does not move

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Navigational System

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a pre-curser to the EU wanting to control things.

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Type your answer here... pass the curser over the subj. with your mouse