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Q: What does a line on top of a number mean?
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What does the line between the top and bottom number of a fraction mean?

"divided by"

What does numerator mean. in math?

it means a number on top of the divide line.

What does a small 5 over a number mean in maths?

If the 5 and the number are seperated by a line its a fraction. But if its just on top of it to the right then its an exponet.

What does the divide symbol mean?

its like a number on top of a number. sort of like a fraction... the dots are numbers and the line is like the fraction bar.

How do you represent root 3 on the number line?

I assume you mean the square Root of 3. You can't show it exactly as root 3 is an irrational number. BUT, you can show it approximately. Root 3 = 1.732... So put a mark between 1 and 2 on the number line at about 1.7.

What symbol is used to represent one or more numbers?

put a line on top of the number for example a line on top of second number its easy

What does a number above a line mean in math terms?

If it is a number that also has a number below the line, it is a fraction. A fraction is a number where the top number is divided by the bottom number. For example, 3/4 is 3 divided by 4, which in decimal form is .75, or 75/100 in fraction form.

What does the top number and the bottem number of a fraction mean?

The top number is the numerator and the bottom number is the denominator.

What does check sum mismatch mean?

The number on the written line is different then the number line.

What is the number that corresponds to a certain point on a huber line?

Do you mean a number line?The question you asked contains the answer. Every point on a number line corresponds to a number, and every number has a corresponding point on the number line.

Can you show me a number line?

A number line is where a line is drawn with one number starting on one end and another ending it. The number on the furthest right or bottom end is the lower number and the number on the furthest left or top is the highest number.

How can fractions be used to show division?

A fraction is written with one number (the numerator) on top of another number (the denominator) with a horizontal line separating them; the number on top is being divided by the number on the bottom. That's what fractions mean. One divided by two is one over two which is one half.