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Q: What does a low k value indicate?
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What is ment by high resistance and low resistance on a meter?

On a multimeter, a high resistance would indicate a high Ohmic value and a low resistance would indicate a low Ohmic value. Specific values would be relative to device you are measuring.

What is the binary value of K ASCII?

The binary value for K is 1001011.

Which assessment would indicate a resident is disoriented?


What is K plus?

K is the chemical symbol used to represent potassium. It is usually shown as K+ to indicate that it is positively charged.

What is the value of k if 5k - 7 equals -7?

The value of k is 0

What has the author K W Low written?

K. W Low has written: 'The wild man'

What is the decimal value of the ASCII letter K?

The ASCII value of capital K is 75. For a small k it is 107.

The r value of insulation indicate resistance to heat flow?

yes the R-value does indicate resistance to heat flow

What animal is K-6?

There is not an animal that goes by "K-6." K-6 is usually used to indicate students that are in kindergarten to sixth grade.

Low margin of safety would be indicate?

low break even point

What does the value of the equilibrium constant indicate?

The value of the equilibrium constant indicates the extent to which a reaction has reached equilibrium. A high value means that the equilibrium strongly favors the products, while a low value means the equilibrium strongly favors the reactants.

What does low egfr non afr american indicate?

A low EGFR on an African American may indicate a kidney disease. This diagnosis should be made by a doctor.