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metric length

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Q: What does a metre stick measure?
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Related questions

What unit of measure does a meter stick measure in?

A metre stick is expected to measure in metres, as well as centimetres and millimetres.

What is used to measure the solid volume?

A scale A metre stick

What would you use to measure a length of a football?

a metre stick

What can you use to measure a book?

To measure a book you would use a ruler or metre stick.

How do you measure in decimeters?

simple, a decimetre is a tenth of a metre (10cm). A normal metre stick would be as effective

Why meter stick is accurate for measuring?

A metre stick is accurate enough to measure a metre or 100 centimetres.

What is the correct way to measure the overall length of the boat?

use a metre stick

What instrument is used to measure the depth of a hole?

the instuments used to measure the depth of a hole is a metre stick

Can you measure a pencil with as meter stick?

Yes, you can. You can place a large number of identical pencils end to end and measure their combined length using a metre stick. Then simply divide by the number of pencils and you will have your answer.

What tools were used to measure units?

ruler - inches (cm and mm) yard stick (metre stick) - feet (metres) tape measure - feet (metres)

What tool and unit is used to measure length?

ruler - inches (cm and mm) yard stick (metre stick) - feet (metres) tape measure - feet (metres)

How do you measure in mm cm and m?

Use a ruler for mm and cm but a metre stick for m.

How long is a metre stick?

One Metre?

What is metre stick?

A metre stick is a ruler that is 1 metre long. (A little bit more than 3 feet.)

What are two things you can measure with a meter stick?

You can measure anything you like with a metre stick. Maybe the length or width of a box are the two examples the question seeks?

Do meter sticks measure grams?

A metre stick measures linear length. Grams are a unit of weight. They are not compatible.

Is a meter stick only centimeters?

A metre stick is 1 metre, 100 centimetres, 1,000 millimetres.

What does a yardstick measure?

It measures length. It is a stick measured out in thirty-six inches, which is three feet or a yard. It is about a metre long.

How do you convert from cubic meter to meter?

There is no conversion from cubic metre to metre because they both measure different things. A cubic metre is a measure of volume and is equal to 1000 litres while a metre is a measure of distance.

Is a meterstick a perfect tool to measure the dimensions of a magazine cover?

No, a metre stick is adequate, but a 12 inch or 30 cm ruler would be handier and possibly perfect.No, a metre stick is adequate, but a 12 inch or 30 cm ruler would be handier and possibly perfect.

How tall is a meter stick?

1 metre

How many mm in a metre stick?

1 metre is 100 centimetres or 1000 millimetres.

Which one is based on units of ten a yard stick or a meter stick?

A metre stick, of course.

What objects measure 100 centimeters?

not a lot of things but if you take a look around your house with a ruler maybe that could help

What physical quantities measured by meter stick?

A metre stick measures length.