What does a metre stick measure?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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metric length

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Q: What does a metre stick measure?
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What unit of measure does a meter stick measure in?

A metre stick is expected to measure in metres, as well as centimetres and millimetres.

What would you use to measure length of a football?

a metre stick

Can you measure a pencil with as meter stick?

Yes, you can. You can place a large number of identical pencils end to end and measure their combined length using a metre stick. Then simply divide by the number of pencils and you will have your answer.

Why meter stick is accurate for measuring?

It is not accurate. It is very much a "rough-and-ready" approximation.

What is the correct way to measure the overall length of the boat?

use a metre stick

What tool and unit is used to measure length?

ruler - inches (cm and mm) yard stick (metre stick) - feet (metres) tape measure - feet (metres)

What things can you measure with a meter stick?

You can measure anything you like with a metre stick. Maybe the length or width of a box are the two examples the question seeks?

What is the use of the meter rule?

to measure distancea metre is a Greek word for measurement.1 metre also = 100 cm

Do meter sticks measure grams?

A metre stick measures linear length. Grams are a unit of weight. They are not compatible.

What is metre stick?

A metre stick is a ruler that is 1 metre long. (A little bit more than 3 feet.)

Would you measure a basketball court with a yard stick or meter stick why?

You could measure it with either a yard stick or meter stick. If you want to measure the basketball court in metric units, then you would use the meter stick. If you want to measure the basketball court in English units, you would use the yard stick.

What does a yardstick measure?

It measures length. It is a stick measured out in thirty-six inches, which is three feet or a yard. It is about a metre long.