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Q: What does a neume on colored line mean?
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What is a Neume?

Marks that indicated the general shape not necessarily the exact notes or rhythms to be sung.

What language is gregorian chant?

Latin. Latin is no longer a spoken language, but is still used in music.

What prefix will make colored mean stained?

The prefix "dis-" can be added to "colored" to mean "stained." The word "discolored" refers to something that has had its original color altered or stained.

What is a vocal passage sung with many notes on one syllable called?

it is called a melismaI think that you are looking for Neume

What does humera mean?

beautiful- red colored girl. :) beautiful- red colored girl. :)

What is the musical term for a chord where the notes are played rapid succession rather than at the same time?

Depends on what you mean. If you mean a big run of notes up or down a piano or harp, then its a glissando. If you mean the notes of a chord, played after one another, its an arpeggio.

Will rainbow colored popcorn kernels become rainbow colored popcorn?

Sadly, no. I have not tried this myself but I read on-line if you soak the kernels in food coloring and water for 20 minutes, you will get colored popcorn.

What one of your states in spanish means Colored?

"Colorado" may either mean colored, or red.

What does polychroni mean in greek?

Many colored.

What does it mean if a husky has different colored eyes?

They were born with it

What does it mean when you have gold colored mucus?

You have a viral infection.

What does it mean when you vomit?

You have ingested something puce-colored.