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a triangle, or pentagon.

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Q: What does a polygon without parallel sides look like?
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What would a polygon look like if it had no right angles and one of its sides is parallel?

it's a trapezoid

Is a nonagon parallel or concruent?

Well a nonagon is a nine sided polygon. If you make the lines or sides parallel, then you will have a parallel figure. Or some parallel lines on a figure (polygon). If you choose to make your polygon (nonagon) have a pair of congruent sides, then your polygon will have some congruent sides. Therefore it really matters what your shape looks like. For example, a quadrilateral can be a square or a kite (or many others but I'm just using these) a kite might have no parallel lines and a square may have 2 sets of parallel lines. Do you get it? Does that answer your question? FYI: A nonagon is also known as a enneagon :)

Why is a trapezoid a polygon?

A polygon is a closed two-dimensional figure, and a trapezoid is also. Therefore, a trapezoid is a polygon. *A trapezoid is a four-side polygon with only two parallel sides, which looks like a distorted square.

What tells the number of sides a polygon has?

a house. It has 5 sides like a polygon

What does quidtritatrial mean?

Just like a triangle is a polygon with 3 sides, A Quadrilateral(quad) is a polygon with 4 sides. Pentagon is a polygon with 5 sides and hexagon is one with 6 sides.

A polygon with 8 sides is called a?

A regular polygon with 8 sides is an octagon. Like a stop sign.

Is an arrow a polygon?

A polygon is a shape that is closed with straight sides and the sides do not overlap like these. I don't know if an arrow is a polygon.

What does identify each polygon mean?

It looks like its the heading on an exercise and it means for the given polygons name them. The polygons will either be pictures or descriptions (like "it has four equal sides and two pairs of parallel sides").

What looks like a polygon?

A geometric shape with many sides looks exactly like a polygon.

What is a polygon with 8 sides called?

A regular polygon with 8 sides is an octagon. Like a stop sign.

What dose a parallelogram look like?

A parallelogram is a four sided planar (two-dimensional) polygon that has two pairs of parallel sides. Google parallelogram for an image.

How many sides does a n side polygon have?

An n-sided polygon or n-gon, just like it sounds, has n sides. For example, a 13-sided polygon has 13 sides. A 24-gon has 24 sides.

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