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It measures angles in degrees

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Q: What does a protractor measures?
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What is the difference between a ruler postulate and a protractor postulate?

a ruler measures the distance and a protractor measures the angles

What does a protractor measure?

A protractor measures the degree of angles and circles.

What is the name of the thing that measures angles?

a protractor

Why does a protractor have 2 sets of numbers on it?

You measure angles from either side of the protractor. One set of numbers measures from the left side, the other measures from the right side.

What measures angels?

A protractor is used to measure angles

What instrument measures slope?

Protractor or bevel gauge.

What measures 180 degress?

protractor and extra math

What a protractor measure?

it measures the angle (of something). The unit is degrees.

What instrument measures inches?

Ruler, protractor, compass....etc.

What can you use to estimate angle measures?

Maybe a protractor perhaps

A tool used to measure angles.?

It is a protractor that measures angles.

How do you find angle measures without a protractor?

use the sun and silhoutte

What instrument measures triangles?

The instrument for measuring the angles of a triangle is called a protractor.

What is the unit measured by a protractor?

A protractor measures the angle between two lines meeting at a point called a vertex. The angle measurement is in degrees.

What measures degrees?

Generally, that would be a protractor. It is able to take an angle and calculate its degrees.

How do you find the measures of angles in a triangle?

Use a protractor.("'\(o.o)/"') heheh deal with it!

Why does a protractor have two sets of numbers?

Because on set measure from the right and the other measures from the left

What instrument measures angle and how do they work?

Some of the devices used to measure angle are Transit, Protractor and Compass.

What instrument measures angles in degrees?

A protractor is one such instrument. Navigational aides that do the same include compasses and sextants.

How do you find angle measures?

The best and most obvious way is to use a protractor. Other than that, there is no obvious and easy way.

How do you find the sum of the measures of the angles in polyons with out using a protractor?

(number of sides - 2)*180 = sum of interior angles

How do you spell protractor?


How do you measure the angles in a star?

Use a protractor.Use a protractor.Use a protractor.Use a protractor.

How do you draw an angle that measures 243 degrees?

you can only draw an reflex angle if you have a circular protractorthere is also a way with a normal protractor you can rotate your protractor and there you can now make ur Reflex angleRememberyou should minus 1 degree

Who made the protractor?

who invented the protractor?

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