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In this case, a and b are numbers, but we have not been told which numbers they are. Sometimes it is useful to talk about numbers in general. Raising a to the power of b means that the number a gets multiplied by itself, a number of times that is specified by b. So for example, if a is 3 and b is 5, then 3 to the fifth power is 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3. If we do the multiplications, we would wind up with 243.

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Q: What does a raised to the power of b mean?
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To what power is the binomial a plus b raised?

It can be raised to any power.It can be raised to any power.It can be raised to any power.It can be raised to any power.

How do you write 25 as a power?

You write it in superscore, such as b25 or B raised to the 25th power

A raised to power b in C programming?

#include <math.h> double a, b, result; result = pow (a, b);

What does it mean that a to the b power equals to b to a power?

it means that A and B have the same power

What does it mean when a base is raised to a negative exponent?

For example, 10 to the power -2 is defined as being the same as 1 divide by (10 to the power 2).Defining it this way ensures that many common rules for exponents continue being valid for all numbers, positive or negative - for example, (x to the power a) times (x to the power b) = x to the power (a + b).

What does 10 to the negative 1 equal?

10-1 = 1/10 A number raised to a negative power is equal to the reciprocal of the number raised to the power. So a-b = (1/a)b = 1/ab

What does 4 raised to the fourth power mean?


Program to find a raised to the power b without recursion?

It's pow from math.h

What does 10E10 mean?

10 raised to the power 10, which is 10000000000

What does x is raised to the power of 1 mean?

x to the power of 1 means x

Write a program in c language to find the value of a raised to power b where a and b are natural numbers using while loop?

You can do it simpler just by using preprocessor directive#include void main(){int a, b;cout > a;cout > b;cout b;for (int i =1; i

What is a power?

By 'a power' I would understand you to mean a number raised to a power, such as 43. You can then refer to this as 'four to the power of three'