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A strike is when you knock all of the Bowling pins down on the first try. If you don't knock any down the first try, but on the second try you knock them all over, it is still condsidered a spare because it took you two tries to knock them all over.

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Q: What does a strike mean in bowling?
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What is a strike out in bowling?

A strike is when you strike out

What does mark mean in bowling?

it means you got either a strike or spare

When did Silver Strike Bowling happen?

Silver Strike Bowling happened in 2004.

When was Silver Strike Bowling created?

Silver Strike Bowling was created in 2004.

Which sport would you be playing if you just made a strike ten?

You probably mean 'ten pins', or 'bowling'.

How much is a strike in bowling?

20 points

When you receive an x what did you do in bowling?

you got a strike

On Wii Sports Bowling how do you get always strike?

Throw it on the bunkers bang strike!.

How many fames are there in bowling?

There are 10 frames in bowling. If you get a strike or spare in the 10th frame you get additional shot(s) -- 1 for spare and 2 for strike.

How do you score a strike in bowling?

If you can knock all the pins down with one ball, that is a strike.

Is there a cheat to get a strike 300 on Wii sports bowling?


How do you roll a perfect strike in bowling?

before you play

Is a strike more than a spare in bowling?


How many points is a strike worth in bowling?

a Strike is 10 points thus why it is represented by an X

What is it called when you get a strike in bowling on the left side?

If you are a right-handed bowler it is called a Brooklyn strike.

What is it called if you get a strike followed by another strike in bowling?

This is usually called a double or two bagger.

How can you get a strike on Wii fit?

Bowling is not an option on Wii Fit. However, on Wii Sports (and Wii Sports Resort), you get a strike as you normally would in real life bowling.

Does a bowling strike count if the rack knocks the pin over?


How do you make a strike in bowling?

Knock over all of the pins.

What is 10 P in a S in B?

pins in a strike in bowling

What two sports use the term strike?

Baseball and bowling.

Where might you hear the word strike?

baseball bowling meeting

What was the Disney channel movie about bowling?

Alley Cats Strike

What are the odds of bowling 166 without a strike?

one in 52

Do you get another turn after a strike in bowling?

Only in the 10th frame.