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The absolute value of a number is its distance, on the number line, of the number from 0.

If x is non-negative, its absolute value is x;

and if x is negative then the absolute value is -x (which is positive).

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Q: What does absolute values represent?
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Why are absolute values rarely used in daily life?

are absolute values rarely used

What does the absolute value of an ordered pair represent?

An ordered pair has two values. You need to define the absolute value of an ordered pair before the question can be answered. There are many possible metrics.

What numbers have opposites that are the same as their absolute values?

All numbers have opposites that are the same as their absolute values.

Do opposites have the same or different absolute values?

Additive opposites MUST have the same absolute values.

What do pH values above 7 represent?

Values of above 7 represent alkalinity, below, represent acidity.

Can absolute value be negative?

No, absolute values are always positive.

What are the two kinds of values?

absolute moral values and behavioral or cultural values

What numbers have equal absolute values?

A positive and negative number with the same magnitude (value) will have their absolute values equal.

What is the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the deviations of the individual values from the mean in a data set?

It is the mean absolute deviation.

Are absolute values used rarely?


Why do you have variables?

To represent values

How can you represent values using variables?

You can represent values using variables. This can only be done with whole numbers.

What is absolute values?

In a technical sense, an absolute value is the actual magnitude of a numerical value or measurement, irrespective of its relation to other values.

Why should a absolute value never negative?

Because that is the definition of absolute values

What is the absolute value of -3.3?

all absolute values are positive, so the absolute value of -3.3 is 3.3

What is an absolute mean?

An absolute mean is a mean of the absolute magnitude of a function with both positive and negative values.

Negatives are never absolute values WHY?

The absolute value is the distance from 0 on the number line. -5 is 5 away from 0. You cannot have a negative distance, therefore you cannot have a negative absolute value. Absolute values are not ALWAYS positive because absolute values can be zero as well. Zero is not positive nor negative.

Can negative numbers be absolute values?


What measurement uses absolute values?


What is axiology of realism?

values are absolute and eternal

Is the sum of an absolute value is the same of their absolute values?

The sum of the absolute values of two numbers is greater or equal than the absolute values of the sum. It will be equal if both are positive or both are negative; greater if one is positive and one is negative. Try it out with some sample numbers!

What does the V represent in VBBNs?


What values did queen Victoria represent and how these values relate to economic reform?


How do you solve absolute value involving fractions?

Fractions make no difference to absolute values.

Can the absolute value of a number equal a negative number?

no all absolute values are positive