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The word additive means a substance added to something in small quantities, typically to improve or preserve it. I hope this helped! <3 (:

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Q: What does additive addition mean?
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Related questions

What is the verb of addition?

It is "additive".

What is an additive function?

An additive function is a unary function which preserves the addition operation.

What is the additive inverse of 27?

0 is the identity element for addition, so 27 + additive inverse27 = 0 ==&gt;additive inverse27= (-27)

How do you solve additive inverse?

The inverse of addition is subtraction.

What integer is the opposite of -11?

Assuming that you mean additive opposite, the answer is +11.Assuming that you mean additive opposite, the answer is +11.Assuming that you mean additive opposite, the answer is +11.Assuming that you mean additive opposite, the answer is +11.

What is the property shown in -7 plus 7 equals 0?

Additive inverse of a number a is that number which on addition with a gives 0.7 is additive inverse of -7.The property shown is additive inverse property because the addition yields 0.

Another word for additive inverse?

Identity property of addition

What is the number zero called for addition and subtraction?

It is the "additive identity".

Additive and non-additive gene action?

Additive gene action is estimate of the quantitative change in a trait. Additive effect= mean of superior parent - mean of inferior parent Dominace effect = Mean of F1 hybrid - mean of both parent Epistatic = additive x additive = additive x dominace = dominace x dominace

What words mean the same as addition?

The words "sum" and "total" apply to an additive operation, and another word used in the process is "plus." Synonyms for addition include summing (summation) and totaling.

What is addition useful for?

A Citrate Additive is used for controlling the acidity of a substance

What is a example of addition inverses in math?

The additive inverse of a real number is the number that when added to it equals zero, the identity element for addition. That is, the additive inverse of any real number x is -x.

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